Parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne
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Welcome to the natural regional Park of the Landes de Gascogne.

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The regional nature Park of the Landes de Gascogne

Created in 1970, the park associates 41 local authorities located in the catchment basins of the river Leyre.
It covers 315 000 ha and gathers 60 500 inhabitants, in the departments of Gironde and les Landes, in the south west of France, near the Aquitaine coast.
The Park acts as a permanent watchdog, making the public aware of the environment. It helps preserving a balance between nature and leisure.
It also aims at protecting and developing this’ area’s heritage as well as fostering economic initiatives and innovative uses of local resources.

The landscapes of the Park are rich but fragile, and keep on preserving them, a part of the actors of this territory committed to a responsible tourism or ecotourism.
These owners welcome you in their guest house using renewable energy, to ensure that their own impact is as minimal as possible on the environment. They also foster climate friendly means of transport to reduce the environmental impact of the activity .

These accomodations are marked with        to find them:

Cycling along little roads, walking along marked trails and paths, canoeing or kayaking on the river Leyre, horse riding on the forest tracks,  There are many ways for the visitor to start to uncover some of the natural and cultural heritage of this country.

Here, the locals use to say  that the Landes de Gascogne forest does not open its heart to those who rush through it, so take your time!

What to see in our Park?

The Park offers you a wide range of activities, information and free visitor’s guide in English are available on the sites mentioned below, see links.

- A preserved nature

. The Teich bird reserve (Le Teich)

Situated on a one of the most important migratory way, the ornithological park, on the edge of the Bassin d’Arcachon, is home for part of the year to over 300 000 migrant birds and up to 30 000 may be seen at the same time. There are footpaths to follow for wonderful views of the delta and specially constructed hides where you can observe the wildlife. Next…

. Cranes in winter   


Cranes breed in northern Europe, mainly in Germany and Scandinavia. At the beginning of autumn they gather in large flock and start a long journey which takes them through France. After a long trip, they stop in the Landes de Gascogne.


- Cultural heritage and know-how

. Marqueze an ecomuseum (Sabres)
To visit this traditional hamlet of the 19th century, you have first to take a typical train at Sabres’ station, an ecological way to go there and but the only as well. The ecomuseum presents daily life in farming and shepherding society. You will discover how people learned to take advantage of the natural resources of the area and how they finally transformed this hostile environment. 

                                                          The shepard farmers abandoned their flocks when Napoleon III decided to plant the heathland with            maritime pines, so they became woodmen and resin tappers to exploit the trees….Traditional animations along the year will tell you about their life, come an see them.

To see the video

. Graine de forêt (Garein)

Located in Garein, this museum will tell you everything about the forest.This unique cultivated forest composed mostly of maritime pines is almost entirely created and managed by man for industrial purposes. You will learn how the forest is planted, cultivated, cut and what we do with all this wood. At the end of the visit you can follow a litlle path through the forest to understand better the cycle life of the trees. Next…

We hope we will see you soon in the park.

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